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4月 22, 2024
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Ex Astris APK - When the first satellite passes through the atmosphere, we believe we shall conquer the universe someday. Now I realise that humans are solely extending the boundaries of the earth, leaving the kaleidoscopic world behind.


Have you ever thought that the mourning sea in front of you has lost its warmth?

We are struggling in the shallow waters when tides over the shore. We are stranded on the sandbank when the waves recede.

Every single star shall rejoice and lament.

What is New in Ex Astris APK?

The Ex Astris universe has expanded, introducing an array of fresh features designed to enrich the game experience for every player. Here's what's new in the latest version:

Enhanced Engaging Narrative: Dive deeper into the lore of Ex Astris, with expanded storylines that bring new life to your favorite characters and introduce compelling newcomers, enriching the game's world.

Refined Strategic Combat: The combat system has been fine-tuned, offering players more strategic depth. New abilities and tactics ensure battles are more challenging and rewarding, emphasizing the game's commitment to Strategic Combat.

Extended Offline Play: Enjoy more content without the need for an internet connection. Ex Astris now offers additional quests and adventures in Offline Play, allowing players to delve into the game's universe anytime, anywhere.9

Upgraded Stunning Graphics: The visual experience in Ex Astris has received a significant upgrade, with Stunning Graphics that immerse players in its beautifully rendered worlds. Enhanced textures, lighting, and effects bring every planet, character, and battle to life with unprecedented detail.

Increased Community Interaction: Ex Astris now includes more ways for players to interact within the game community. New forums, live events, and cooperative missions foster Community Interaction, allowing players to share strategies, celebrate achievements, and form lasting alliances.

New Characters and Allies: The roster has expanded, introducing a diverse range of characters with unique backgrounds, abilities, and stories to explore. These new faces add depth to the game's narrative and strategic options in combat.


World Exploration

A wondrous interstellar adventure starts here. In the world of Allindo, you will join a group of vibrant companions on an RV journey, exploring foreign lands with diverse local cultures, collecting memories of extraordinary encounters, and unravelling the mystery behind a looming storm.

Investigator, the fate is in your hands!

Obscuran Manoeuvres

A cool blend of turn-based gameplay and fast-paced action: Make the most of our innovative Obscuran Manoeuvre system and time your responses to perfectly counter enemy attacks. You can also pull off powerful team combos and joint attacks with your allies for strategic advantages.

Progression Experience

A unique advancement experience: Scour Allindo for various materials to concoct special dishes and craft all sorts of Laylah- keys to empower your team. Solve intricate puzzles in strongholds, defeat challenging foes that stand in your way, and unveil the mysteries of Allindo.

Character of Ex Astris


Known as the Princess of Doran, Vi³ has in fact no power over anyone within the laid-back realm of Doran.

Destined to be the Pilgrim of Allindo, she has heeded Laylah's call since her birth. Guided by a massive storm sparked by the Penumbra in Zin-Gerzen, she awaits the day of Reset.

Nineteen years ago, a young Vi³ was invited to Port Windward, where she met Astero, the Princess of Shadarra, for the very first time. Back then, Port Windward was a shared home for Earthers and the Allindish. During her visit there, Earthers captured a cherished moment with a group photo of Vi³, Astero, and all the key figures involved in the port's development. In the photo, Vi³ and Astero stand at the center as symbols of Doran and Shadarra, each holding a Doronium sphere—a toy popular among Allindish children. With Vi³'s sphere pointed downwards and Astero's upwards, the photo subtly foreshadowed their future destinies, unbeknownst to them at the time.

This encounter brought Vi³ to a realization: life on Earth does not undergo the Reset.

On the very day the Reset began, Vi³ met an Earther investigator named Yan. She asked Yan to document the last days of Allindo before the Reset, as well as her journey.


An exoplanet investigator of the NOUS WAVE organization.

She underwent rigorous training in combat and survival from a young age and eventually mastered the power within her Astrom-formed right arm.

Despite her reserved demeanor, Yan has a passion for photography and maintains a daily log to capture moments of her life.

As NOUS WAVE continued their Astrom experiment, a series of grave incidents occurred and there were cases of investigators losing their lives due to the research. As a result, Yan began to have doubts about Astrom and grew eager to explore its origins.

Now, as NOUS WAVE resumes their extraterrestrial investigation, Yan, accompanied by space exploration support probe Roy (ID: B0012), is set to be dispatched to the alien planet Allindo. Their mission is to retrieve a sample of pure Astrom.


A mystical creature native to Allindo and impervious to the powers of Laylah.

Manganese used to roam the hills of Allindo. Many locals, drawn by its enigma, had made numerous attempts to capture it but all failed.

One day, Vi³'s people encountered it, and with an unintentional touch at the softest part of its chest covered by blue fur, this once fierce beast instantly turned into an adorable little critter. After the transformation, Manganese started to emit a cute sound: ""coo-lee-coo—"". Vi³'s people cleverly used Furinrin as bait and successfully captured its attention. Since then, Manganese has been loyally following Vi³ and her people.

On Vi³'s Pilgrimage, Manganese has always remained a reliable helper by her side.


The Sovereign of Shadarra. Embracing her clan's legacy, Astero took on the mantle of supreme power.

During the grand opening of Port Windward, Astero, at Λ's invitation, led a delegation to the celebration and appeared in a memorable group photo with Vi³. At the time, Astero was a shy little girl.

Growing up, Astero was no stranger to the troubles cast by the False Star of Shadarra. Many who couldn't bear the harsh living conditions of Shadarra attempted to migrate to Doran through Zin-Gerzen, only to lose their lives to erratic storms on the way. After coming of age, Astero became resolved to liberate her people from this intolerable life.

Astero is the only person in Allindo, aside from Vi³, who knows the truth about the Return of Astramorphs. When she noticed the anomalies of Penumbra in Zin-Gerzen, she realized the Reset was imminent.

As the leader of a land with no escape, Astero steeled herself for a last-ditch attempt.


Born to a Shadarrish smith family, Deterrent is among the few warm-hearted fellows found in his homeland.

The natural environment of Shadarra is extremely harsh, and even with their artificial sun, life there is a struggle to get by. This is why Deterrent dreams of bringing a better life to the Shadarrish people.

When Port Windward was officially opened, Deterrent came to the port as part of the entourage of Astero. There, he for the first time heard Lam's speech on voyage. In his speech, Lam mentioned that the port would serve as a bridge spanning Zin-Gerzen and connecting Doran with Shadarra. Deterrent was deeply moved as he saw the hope of enabling his people in Shadarra to lead lives as decent as the Doranese.

With this in mind, he decided to assist Lam in the construction of Port Windward.


An Allindish researcher mentored by Ep⁶ the sage, ZERO² assumed the role of lab director after Ep⁶ departed for Port Windward.

Over the years, she dedicated herself to uncovering the truth behind the Resets of Astramorphs. Collaborating with Hyacinth, her close friend, ZERO² investigated the Stela Albus and gained crucial insights about the Resets of the previous generations of Allindo life. Based on the discoveries, they developed an agent that can transform Astramorphs. Later, Hyacinth volunteered to take the medication and underwent a transformation right before ZERO².

ZERO² never revealed this incident to anyone else. She continued her research, hoping to find a way to restore her transformed friend to her original form.


Lam is the prince of Doran and Vi³'s elder brother. He is also an adventurous romanticist.

The Doranese used to believe the skies were off-limit and inaccessible. But the arrival of Earthers shook this ingrained belief.

Lam is among the first Allindish who accepted the Earth visitors. He got fascinated by the poems and romances of adventure told by the visiting Earthers and developed a yearning to see a bigger world. A plan for a grand odyssey began taking shape in his mind and the establishment of Port Windward marked the first step of that plan.

Under Lam's leadership, Port Windward flourished into the most prosperous hub for business activities and cultural exchange on Allindo. His accomplishments earned him the trust and respect of his people, who revered him as "an uncrowned king".

However, Lam's ambition did not stop there. He aspired to expand Port Windward into an interstellar port that would support his dream of a brave odyssey.

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